• Sylfirm X is the latest technology advancement in microneedle radiofrequency and the only device capable of delivering both ultra-short pulse wave and continuous wave to treat multiple skin conditions ranging from melasma, rosacea to wrinkles, acne scars and skin firming.


    Continuous wave comes with stronger energy leading to higher temperature achieved in the skin and greater collagen stimulation. A wide depth of needle penetration allows effective treatment of different skin conditions. One can expect greater benefits of skin firming, textural improvement like enlarged pore and fine line, as well as deep scar remodeling, compared to previous generation of Sylfirm.


    Ultrashort pulse wave targets the root causes of melasma by treating the blood vessels which supply the pigment cells as well as repairing the abnormal basement membrane and block migration of pigment. Sylfirm X is able to target the reticular dermis accurately which has abundance of blood vessels, leading to better control melasma compared to previous generation. Shorter pulse wave duration in the new model leads to less heat production, making it a safe environment without aggravating the melasma.


    How long do SylfirmX treatments take?

    Each treatment is approximately 60 minutes. A numbing cream will be applied to ensure maximal comfort for the patient.


    What can I expect after SylfirmX treatment?

    There may be mild redness ranging from few hours to a day.