• eCO2 is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the benefits of ablative Carbon Dioxide Laser while minimising associated risks.

    The eCO2 features the patented Controlled Chaos Technology, an algorithm to pseudo-randomly deliver each micro laser beam, allowing the tissue to maximize heat dissipation between shots. The result is an increased safety profile with a reduction in post-operative discomfort and faster healing time leading to unparalleled fractional resurfacing results.

    The fractional laser treatment produces thousands of deep, tiny columns in your skin, called microscopic treatment zones, which the skin repairs by pushing out the old sun damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. It triggers the body’s natural healing process accelerating the production of collagen and new, healthy skin cells.

    It is indicated for

    • Scars (Surgical, Acne, Others)
    • Wrinkles, Fine Lines
    • Lentiges
    • Textural  Irregularities
    • Enlarged Pores